@WORK’s success begins with successful recruiting. The right people must be placed in the right job at the right time. Period.

@WORK’s mission is to provide successful solutions so that associates can be provided with a broader skill base to further their career opportunities and that companies like yours can fully utilize in order to minimize costs while at the same time increase performance and productivity.

In order to overcome the challenges associated with recruiting qualified individuals, @WORK has identified the need for constant and widely differentiated recruitment practices. These recruitment practices are designed not only to attract well-qualified applicants currently unemployed, but also attract those currently in the work force by offering a new career opportunity.

Ensuring that our employees are experiencing a fulfilling work experience once they are placed is also a vital part of coping with the challenges associated with recruiting. Through regular and frequent communication with our employees, we seek to identify any potential problems that may lead to their choice to seek employment elsewhere. It is vital that once a quality employee is placed that he or she continues on the job assignment for the length of time described in the client’s job order.